Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Misc. Notes

- I think I fixed the formatting of the template that was causing the unecessarily long scrolling to either get to the first post or get to the next series of posts. I be dumb.

- Thanks for all the kind words about Doodles. ms.Mini bought the story all the way. We recommended she keep an eye on her favorite toys and perhaps leave them in the safety of our house in the future.

- Vegas. I have a wedding to go to in October. It's in San Francisco, but I may get 1 day in Vegas out of the deal. My tentative plans are to arrive Thursday, October 20th around lunch, maybe a little earlier, then leave on Friday the 21st in the early evening. Anyone in town that day, drop me a line. I think it's some type of crime to fly over Nevada and not stop for at least a little while.

- My intarweb service has sucked lately, so I apologize to all the seemingly ignored chat room invites. I hadn't signed up for any Katrina tourneys because I've got bubkus at Pokerstars. I've recently made a withdrawal from Noble, so that should soon change.

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