Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More Positive Feedback

As is my policy, time to spread the word about more positive customer service experiences.

My first set of plastic cards arrived last Christmas; they were paisley patterned KEM cards and I really liked them.  Earlier this past year, I bought some Copag cards as well and found them to be just as nice.  After playing with plastic cards, you can never go back.

Whenever I find a decent deal on either KEM’s or Copag’s, I’ll snap them up.  I found a set of the arrow-patterned KEM cards at my local mall at Mori Luggage and began using them frequently.  In fact, some of you may have played with them at Otis’ Bradoween tournament.

Two weeks ago, Tommy the Axeman noticed that the 4 of hearts was crimped in the corner.  I was a bit disappointed as they hadn’t lasted that long.  I went online in search of a card replacement policy and couldn’t find one.  KEM had been bought out by the US Playing Card company and their website only showed a guarantee for Bee’s, Bicycle’s and other cards they manufactured.  Nothing for KEM’s.

Since I had nothing to lose, I followed the instructions anyway and sent off the crimped card and the Ace of Spades from the damaged deck to the address at the US Playing card website.  I didn’t expect much.

I’m one to always have low expectations, that way, I’m rarely disappointed.  Consider my reaction when yesterday, a package arrived in the mail containing a BRAND spanking new set of arrow-patterned KEM cards.

Rock on baby.  FREE!

Now I have a back up deck in case any of those cards gets crimped.  I am pleased, very pleased with this response.

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