Monday, December 05, 2005

Five, Four, Three

I’m having some problems.

Containing myself that is.  That’s ‘cause I’m huge.  But not that huge, because I was still owned at arm-wrestling this weekend.  Granted, TheMark and TheRick both outweigh me by 40 or so pounds, but that’s no excuse.

The real problem is that I’m getting excited and that means I’ll be playing less-than-optimal poker.  I was excited Friday night.  CJ and The Big Pirate Wes were in town, and when you add in G-Rob, TheMark, TheRick, TeamScottSmith, Shep Tiltstein, and The Wolverine, you get G-Vegas at its best.  Personally I was at my worst.  I should know better than to play poker when the hostess is serving shots of SoCo on a tray for me to consume.  This has now happened twice.  First time – Mrs. Otis was the guilty party.  Second time, it was Mrs_All_In, aka Pokerbtch, aka popsicle girl, aka the One Who Tilts Otis.  And both times I’ve suffered my worst cash losses of the year.

The cash bankroll suffered a bit, but it was a blast.  –EV all the way.


Let me add fire to the brewing blogger controversy.  No, not that one.  The one between me and PokerGeek.  On his blog, he simply states, and I quote:

Me > You.

Let me delineate instances where that is correct, for it is not a global truism.

  1. Wielding a lightsaber.

  2. Ability to be knocked down by a small gust of wind.

  3. Using the “Clone/Stamp” Tool.

  4. Convincing others to back him in low-limit blogger tourneys.

  5. Passing out after 3 fluid ounces of alcohol.

And last, but not least, I give him props for his Schwarzenegger impressions.  But that is all.  Any other situation, the equation above should be re-written thusly:

e^(PI * i) * tan(PI)== PokerGeek

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