Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Test Your Faith In Blood

I arrived home from work late yesterday due to a rapidly approaching code release deadline that loomed against my impending vacation days prior to the holidays.  I did manage to squeeze in an above average workout, so the blood was flowing.

I had two voicemails awaiting me from local degenerates TheMark and G-Rob.  It was Monday night and the big game was on, albeit in a new location due to continuing power outages here in G-Vegas.

I asked Mrs_Blood about her thoughts on my attendance.

“Well” she said, “you’re just going to lose.”

Oooof.  Boot to the head.

She back-peddled a bit after I thanked her for the vote of confidence, claiming that even I admitted to her that my play suffers during lengthy losing streaks.  She wasn’t concerned about the money, but rather my resulting demeanor.  I promised that no matter what happened, I’d come home without hard feelings and I’d take the family to breakfast in the morning.

We shook on the deal and I was off.


At midnight, I left the game down a buy-in.  My final hand was discouraging; I was a 65/35 favorite after the turn, but got rivered out of a $650 pot.

Still, I kept my end of the bargain.  My December drought continues, but my chin is up; propped up by the knowledge that I played well and didn’t let the results sour my attitude towards the game.


I am too stubborn to let the bad results get to me.

Bring your worst.

This is a test.  I will pass.

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