Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fortune Smiles

Luck comes in many forms.  Perhaps there is some physical but undetectable particle that causes a random event to occur one way instead of another.  Perhaps our realities are constantly splitting into alternate ones, each split producing different outcomes – one positive, one negative.  Just ask Schroedinger’s cat.  Or Tasha Yar.

Whatever it is, after last Thursday’s early poker debacle, I knew I needed my share.  I sat at a $4/$8 table all by my lonesome it seemed while the remainder of G-Vegas traded barbs, cheques and check-raises at the $2/$5 NL table.  Even at the limit poker table, I was down a bit of my buy-in when The Luckbox walked over to check in on my status.  I fought the good fight, smiled a little and said, “I’m hangin’ in there.”  Plus Six Sigma walked back to his $2/$5 game and I played some more limit poker.

Oddly enough, my luck changed.

Coincidence?  Did Lafayette’s version of Longshot just empower me with a temporary ability to suckout?  When I spiked a six on the river with my pocket 6’s to drag a huge pot, I thought so.  When I caught runner-runner clubs for the nut flush when TWO OTHER people also caught runner-runner flushes, I knew so.

I was sold.  So much so that on Friday, I had CJ rub my head not once, but twice, to ensure that my luck continue.  As it were, I had the best poker-playing day of my career that day.


On Saturday, I sat back down at the Golden Banana’s $1/$2 table hoping to secure another winning day.  Spaceman stopped by the table to wish me some good luck in during a break in his WPT coverage.  He saw me lose my entire stack on hand #1 as I grossly misplayed KQs.  I was going to have to work hard to recoup an early deficit.

Sadly, CJ remained at the Grand, having to save up his entire bit of luck reserves for the WSOPC event he was playing along with Otis and Iggy.  I, on the other hand, would have to make my own luck.


I firmly believe in tipping the dealers.  They work hard and deserve a tip.  Even if I just win the blinds, I’ll give them a dollar.  On Saturday, I pre-tipped a dealer named Charles, throwing him a $5 chip and then asking him for a playable hand.  “Deal me a hand Charles,” I announced.  Charles complied.

The first card I was dealt slid all the way under the rail.  We had to pry the rail up from the table just to retrieve it.  It was the 8 of hearts.  The second card came and it was the 6 of clubs.  A monster.  I was on the button and when nearly everyone limped in, I tossed in my $2 and said “Charles dealt me a hand, be careful.”

The flop came 245 rainbow.  To the uninitiated, the flop may have appeared to have missed me.  But for whatever reason, double belly-buster straight draws jump right out at me and I didn’t miss this one.  The action checked around to me on the button and I made nearly a pot sized bet of $10.  Again I said, “Charles has dealt me a hand here.”  The BB called, but out of nowhere, a person two to my right check-raised me to $30.  Wasn’t he listening?

I called, but the big blind folded.  The turn came.  Somewhere CJ was smiling.

The check-raiser checked again.  I bet my nuts for $100 and the older guy came over the top all in.  Err….call?  He showed A3 for the flopped wheel, but was drawing dead to my straight to the 8.  “Thank you Charles,” and another $5 chip was tossed his way.


I’m sure we all want to be skilled poker players at heart.  Skill is something we control, but the luck factor is in someone else’s hands.  Whether you can make your own luck or rely on someone or something else to bestow it upon you, don’t turn your back on it.  Accept your good fortune and pray that it lasts.  I raise a toast to The Luckbox.

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