Tuesday, January 17, 2006

G-Vegas vs. The Big Game

I really loved watching the GSN Big Cash game last night.  What a cast of characters.  It’s comforting to know that poker is poker is poker at least on some level no matter what the stakes.  Here’s a quick run down of that game compared to the regular G-Vegas no limit game.

Daniel Negreanu ran over the table early.  His aggressive style with garbage superbly disguised the times when he held his monster hands.  Combine that with his talkative demeanor and you basically have G-Rob in a nutshell.

In the category of not-so-subtle reminders, Texas Dolly pulled the classic limp/re-raise all-in with AKo.  The message was clear:  I’m at this table too with a big stack.  Don’t fuck with me Kid.  With all that gamble in him, one can compare that style to TheMark who’s always looking to make his presence known at the table.

Jerry Buss was there too.  Big money with deep pockets and a decent, but not world-class level of play, he reminds me of The Rankster.  Both are quiet and are there to play some cards; perhaps learning from some of the better players surrounding them during their stay.

I tell you one thing.  If I’m a gynecologist, I’m living in Las Vegas.  That guy’s business must thrive beyond belief in the City of Sin.  “Hey doc, should anything be growing down here?  Didn’t think so.”  Oddly, he was the big winner with a set over set hand against Ted Forrest.  His style is reminiscent of Teddy Ballgame – a bit loud, a bit abrasive and willing to put some cash in the pot.

My co-worker Random101 put my style on that of the young kid.  Probably because he was bald too.  Thanks.


Some other observations:

Ted Forrest’s call of the all-in is debatable.  Now, I’m not saying I can make that laydown there, but I have seen others do so.  When I was at The Palms back in October, I witnessed one guy bet out big with top two pair, and then one guy raise $200, about 1/3rd his stack.  A guy in late position then went all in.  The board was uncoordinated and rainbow.  Both EP bettors folded.  The second guy folded his bottom set face up.  So I’m just saying I’ve seen it done.  On the 245 board, can you really think you’re good?  I’m interested to hear other’s opinions on that hand.

Poor Sammy Farha.  Guy couldn’t buy a seat.  I did notice that the game was 8-handed.  I just know I’d make room for Sammy at my table, if for no other reason than to liven it up.

G-Vegas needs some waitresses.  There once was a rumor that one semi-regular player could get one of his co-workers to serve beer for us all night.  We asked him what she looked like and he simply said, “She’s 18, and unbelievably hot.”  We then asked how much money she wanted and he said $20 would do.  On cue, everyone at the table reached for $20 and told him to make the phone call.  He said, “Not $20 per person, $20 total.”   He never called.  Talk about disappointment.

I will say this however, Mrs_All_In makes one killer late night bacon and eggs.  Killer.


Two closing notes:

First, I had a winning session.  Yes you read that correctly.  Took a small step up in limits and played some of my best poker in a while.  Post forthcoming.

Secondly, I sent my chip design in.  Some comments:  

“you have what looks to be a pretty solid Illustrator file”
“your art looks good and pretty much ready to go”

Color me excited.  I’ll let you all know when I pull the trigger.

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