Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ignorance is Bliss

Sometimes I feel I’m continually balancing my nature to be completely honest on the blog versus my self-perception that I’m a whiny little bizznatch.  Usually the honest part wins out and you get posts like yesterday’s.  But then I think how frikkin’ pissy I must sound and get second thoughts about making those types of posts ever again.  See?  There I go again, more whining about whining.


I was walking from my car to my office today and it was raining.  Hard.  By the time I arrived at my desk, my coat was saturated and my pants were soaked, sticking to my thighs as I walked.

On my way up to the 3rd floor, I rode the elevator with another guy who got caught in the rain.  I had a baseball cap to wear which kept me somewhat dry, but this guy was flat out drenched.  His hair was dripping water onto his face and it was collecting on the tip of his nose and falling to the floor.

And he was laughing with his friends about it.

Meanwhile, I’m annoyed as all hell.


Basically, we both had a bad beat with the weather.  How did I react?  I lamented my recent move to the new building where I work that requires a much longer trek across the parking lot.  The other guy?  Laughter.

So who’s the idiot?  Is it me for not being able to shrug off the variance that is South Carolina weather?  Or is it the other guy who doesn’t realize that his clothes have just been ruined and his work day will be just a tad more miserable than it need be?


I often tell my friends that intelligence is a curse.  When you’re smart, you realize just how often you’re getting screwed in life.  The mentally challenged don’t know that life is fucking them hard, so they smile and live life happy.

And that’s how poker is too.

Edit: Can't y'all just let me wallow in misery without reminding me that I'm a moron with no umbrella??? Sheeesh.

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