Friday, January 13, 2006

Not Hosting

Last night I did not host a poker game.

And it felt great.

G-Rob took up the reins for the week by arranging and hosting the G-Vegas NL ring game at his house.  All I had to do was show up, drink and play cards.  Well OK, I had to bring my chips since G-Rob’s inferior 300 piece set couldn’t accommodate the onslaught of G-Vegas regulars who were ready to donque it up.  That’s French by the way, for donk.


The list of attendees grew and shrank and I didn’t have to worry about it.  People bought and re-bought chips and I didn’t have to deal with it.  Ah yes, a clear head.  Granted, I had to air out things with the Mrs. prior to playing, something about a Disney trip that will cost us 8 kazillion dollars; but we talked it through just in time for me to head to Ye Olde Silverleaf poker compound.


When I got there, G-Rob said Otis would be playing.  Of course I was excited, but I had to ask “Didn’t he just get back?”  Otis did confirm upon arrival that yes he did just get back from his PCA coverage, but didn’t play a lick of cards.  I saw the look of poker-junkie withdrawal in his eyes and he need not have said another word.

Deal ‘em up.


Teddy Ballgame has had my number for a while.  I can’t put my finger on it, but the guy either has a better hand or outdraws me each and every time.  During the New Year’s Day tourney, he hit a 4-outer on the river to bust my set of 7’s and went on to cash in 4th place.

Last night, I managed to turn the tables a bit.  With JTo a few people saw a flop of 489 with two spades.  Checked to Teddy on the button, he bet out and only I called.  The turn was an offsuit 7 giving me the nuts, but it was vulnerable.  I checked and Teddy came out firing again.  I check-raised all-in.

For whatever reason, Teddy likes to call my all-in bets.  He did so again on this hand flipping up top two-pair, 89.  The stage was set for another 4-outer, but I’m due for about 27 straight wins on these 10:1 favorites.  It didn’t hit and Teddy rebought.


The Rankster is another local G-Vegas veteran who has my number too.  I busted his AA with J6o from the big blind when he didn’t raise pre-flop.  The flop was J-high and I called his small $2 bets to the river at which point I hit my two-pair.

I ended the Rankster’s evening on a sour note by felting both him and G-Rob.  I held AK, Rankster had KK, and G-Rob, held his own monster, T7s.  Both G-Rob and the Rankster were all-in pre-flop.  I figured I was a coin flip and due to the short-stacks of those guys called.

The flop was Q-high.  Turn was a J, and the river was a T.  I hit a 6-outer.  Or you could say it was runner-runner to broadway.  Either way, I sucked out.

And it felt great.

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