Monday, February 13, 2006

Choose Your Own Destiny (Free)

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Not much poker to talk about this weekend, so move along if that’s what you came here for.  Otherwise, you can learn how Axeman and I went down to Columbia, SC for free to see Motley Crue.

It certainly wasn’t a concert I’d pay to see, mainly because I’d seen them before and a trip to Columbia on Sunday night isn’t my idea of mainlining fun.  But, since it was free, we went.

During the bus trip down, we were notified that one of the sponsors of the trip, a guy named Mike who owned a local “Jersey Mike’s” sub-shop, used to play guitar in Saigon Kick.  I told him that I had a song from his band on my iPod and he rolled his eyes and said “Love is On the Way?”  I affirmed his guess and we had a quick conversation about life in the Glam Metal Years.

When we arrived, we had some time to kill, so the Axeman and I walked a few blocks to a local restaurant.  We wondered up to the bar for a few drinks, and then realizing we had a boatload of time, we ordered some small appetizers.

A quick dial-a-shot later and our food was delivered.  It wasn’t bad, but there was a problem.  Our bartender decided to completely ignore us after we asked for our check.  He kept walking by, giving about 7-8 other patrons their checks, but not ours.  Since we had a concert to get to, and because the guy was pretty much a dick, Axeman and I decided to dine and dash.

How immature is that?  I’ll answer for you.  Very.  But you know what?  Too bad.  There’s bad service, there’s horrible service, but completely ignoring repeated requests for our check so we can actually pay our bill is not the best way to do business.  Don’t hold it against me.  I’ll confess, it was fun.  We were just making sure our trip remained completely free afterall.

(Side note to those in the service industry who may be offended:  I am a big tipper.  Huge in fact.  I love giving larger than normal tips because I know how hard many people work in that line of work.  So don’t come over the top of me for this little episode – drastic times call for drastic measures.)

So we hit the concert arena and find that our seats aren’t too bad.  Unfortunately, the sound system is mixed horribly wrong and all we can hear is Mick Mars’ guitar.  I like Mick, but Joe Satriani he is not.  During the 3rd song, some bozo tossed a water bottle up on stage and nailed Vince in the face.  He walked off the stage, confirming his pah-HU-say status among over-the-hill glam band lead singers.  Axeman and I were laughing only because this concert was free.  If I had to pay the $75 for these tickets, I’d have been ripped.  But then again, I wouldn’t have gone either.

They finally came back out and played an obviously shortened set.  No matter.  Free is free.

Next concert should be much better, perhaps infinitely so.  In Flames and Devildriver on Friday the 24th.  I will be paying to see that.

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