Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Eight Simple Rules

I rarely watch sitcoms any more.  Few are good enough to warrant my time.  I will make exceptions every now and then.  A couple of years ago, I made an exception to the oddly titled John Ritter vehicle.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Mr. Ritter’s comedic blend, especially after finding out he was the voice behind Clifford the Big Red Dog.  However, for the above-mentioned show, I watched.  Two words:  Kaley Cuoco.


When I first moved to South Carolina, I was shopping for a washer/dryer combo in a local Lowes, the South’s version of Home Depot.  (Not that we don’t have Home Depot down here, but I hate Home Depot.)  My daughter Morgan was, at the time, nine months old.  Blessed with the looks of her mommy (and perhaps some guy in Sweden named Lars), she had the classic combination of blonde hair and blue eyes.  Just like Kaley.

Down South, it’s odd.  Strangers are a bit more friendly and friends are a bit more strange than what I was accustomed to from my days as a Yankee.  A local approached me as I was strolling my 1st born through rows of white appliances.

“Is that your daughter?”  (Remember, I’m in the South.)

“Yes sir,” I responded.

“Blonde hair, blue eyes?” he muttered.  “Gonna need a shotgun for when she gets older.”


That sitcom never really got into what those rules were for dating your daughter.  Nor did it mention which daughter; the show had two.  I’m not going to buy a shotgun, however; I’d rather mangle Morgan’s suitors with my bare hands.  But I will have rules.


The Mrs and I had a talk about new rules too.  Rules for playing poker.  It turns out that I need them more than she does, if not for my betterment as a player, but for my betterment as a person overall.

Rule 1 – The Live Home Game Rule
  • If I want to play live, I’ll ask.  MrsBlood is required to answer honestly, even if it means she wants me to stay home and watch House, American Idol, or her 6 hours of Bon Jovi footage.  The implications of this rule are that I may miss a couple of homegames now and again.  But that’s OK.  In order for me to do well, I want, no I NEED to have the piece of mind that there will be no domestic price to pay later.

Rule 2 – The Online Poker Rule
  • In order to play seriously, I need to play without distractions.  I’m pretty sure I made that clear in my last post, but this cements it.  I want to get better, and in order to do so requires focus.  The implications of this rule are that I will most likely play less online poker.  But, and it’s a big but (I like big butts and I cannot lie), it means that my playing time will be more effective.  I’ll be the first to admit that forcing online play during non-ideal times is not always constructive.  The result is that I will play only when everyone is either asleep or out of the house.

These rules are simple, and I hope to stick to them.  Because I do take this game seriously.  Too seriously?  Perhaps.  But that’s the path I’m choosing -  renewed focus without distractions.  Less playing time, but more effective playing time.


My daughter turns 8 next month.  She’s already talking about boys in her class as being cute.  I may amend my rules to restrict her dating age until she’s 30.

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