Thursday, February 09, 2006

In Thoughts

It seems there is a bunch o’ crap going down for a few of our blogging brethren and my thoughts go out to each and every one of them.  I won’t reiterate their plights here, but it does take no small amount of courage to share their painful and trying times with the rest of us chuckleheads.

So I can only say “thanks.”  Because by sharing, you enlighten.  You all make it easier for me to look at all of life’s positives rather than all the negatives.  The negatives are so much easier to acknowledge, many times we lose sight of what’s truly important.

Friends, family, health.  Not having Aces cracked. (I kid.)

Here’s hoping that better times for you guys lie ahead.  If G-Vegas can help in any way, let us know.


In poker news, G-Vegas has upped the limits of the NL ring game.  What used to be a regular .25/.50 blind structure has now doubled.  The change has attracted back some players who were looking for higher stakes, but also most likely has detracted others from attending.  Time will tell what the increase will do to the state of the game.

Last Friday I finalized my order for the custom chips.  Hopefully they’ll arrive in the next few weeks, at which point I’ll have another BBSOP event to commemorate their arrival.

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