Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mish and Mash

Dr. Pauly has some information about another charity tournament going on this evening.  Head on over there for details if you feel you can contribute by playing.


I transferred some cash to mrsBlood’s Pokerstars account so she could play against Da Champ along with some of our female blogging superstars.  She had fun while she played, eventually busting out when she lost a kicker battle with AT.  I was downstairs breaking in the new chips with an impromptu home game.

Because it was an off-night, and it was on short notice, we only had 7 players.  Nothing too much interesting to report, except that the new chips seemed to go over pretty well.  I chipped up early by felting Otis with my KK vs his TT.  After that, it was all down hill.  I lost a huge pot to the Rankster when I couldn’t force him off his spade flush draw on the turn.  In fact, he raised me on the draw and by the time the river came, I was committed.  Rebuy!

Losing that pot put me off my game a bit and rather than make good lay downs like I did last week, I made horrible calls.  I couldn’t throw away my Jacks on a K-high flop, nor could I throw away pocket Tens on a similar board.  Rebuy!

I chipped up a bit, at one point flopping two-pair and runner-runnering quads.  I didn’t get paid, but showed it down anyway.  Then, as the game was winding down, I emulated the Rankster in my best impersonation after he had already busted out and left the scene.  I flopped the nut flush draw with A8 of hearts, but the board was paired.  G-Rob raised the flop big, forcing TheMark out of the action.  I re-raised all-in, even though I knew I was behind.  Obviously, a bit of a gamble.  Sadly, for G-Rob, I hit, he didn’t boat up on the river and I won a pot large enough to put me in the black for the evening.


Speaking of family members with poker accounts, miniBlood is officially on Empire poker’s play money tournament scene.  He’ll be celebrating his 6th birthday in a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share some choice quotes from Woodland Elementary’s kindergarten poker prodigy.

Scene 1:
In middle position, miniBlood pops the blinds 6x with A2 clubs, not necessarily a strong hand.  I ask him, “What are you doing?”

“That’s my thing.  I raise to get people to fold.  That’s what I do.”

He would subsequently flop a two (bottom pair), call someone who check-raised him all-in and win the pot.  The two’s held up.

Scene 2:
MiniBlood walks into the master bedroom and laments, “Daddy, I just lost a tournament.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“Some guy, he had trip Queens….”

“What did you have?”

“The hammer.”

Scene 3:
It’s Tuesday night’s chip challenge and I’ve got a small edge on miniBlood.  Prior to me dealing the cards, he puts all his chips into the middle of the table.

“I’m all in blind.”

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