Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Moving Down

Regarding the stakes discussion of the previous post – I came to a small realization.  Playing smaller stakes than what you’re accustomed to can teach some valuable lessons.

During a smaller stakes live game, I was more willing to make moves that were solid poker plays by putting chips at risk without regard to the fear of losing them.  Many times you’ll be in a pot where the only way you can win is to bet at it – firing that extra round, so to speak.

When I’ve been in a game where the stakes are more meaningful, I’ve found that I’ve been a little more reluctant to make those plays, even though they are proper and sound.

How often have you found that by moving up in limits, you’re playing too tight?  How often have you found that moving down makes you play too loosely?  Well, if your game could stand to improve in either direction, perhaps a foray into different stakes can help you plug another hole in your game.

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