Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Answer

Thanks to everyone who left a comment in the previous post.  The reason I was asking was, as with each spring the past three years, I’ve thought about directly buying into one of the minor WSOP events this summer.  The last two years would have required nearly my entire bankroll.  Not so this year.  However, I’d still have to commit probably 25-30% of it and I’m not totally comfortable with doing that just yet.

I’ll reassess things in a few months, but more than likely, I’ll play it conservative and play some satellites instead.  One thing is for sure; I’m a patient and stubborn guy.  If things progress in the next two years as they have the previous two years, then a direct buy-in will fall within that 5-10% bankroll target.  I can wait.

When I was in Tunica back in January, I chopped a satellite to the $1000 event that CJ, Otis and Iggy played in.  My first thoughts upon receiving the $500 lammer was sell that thing.  (PS:  Thanks again to the Ig-master for purchasing it, the guy’s solid.)  I needed the cash.  Not even for a split second did I think of entering another SNG to try to win my way into the preliminary event.  I guess I’m still a bit risk-averse.  Knowing what a dent a four-figure buy-in would put into my bankroll would probably affect my play, and that’s why I chose to forego the event.

It’s funny how your perspective changes.  In theory, I could start buying into the big Sunday tournaments and stay within my bankroll management guidelines.  But there’s just something about the potential for a big score that’s made even sweeter by earning it through a satellite entry.

Strangely, there’s some part of me that just can’t come to terms with asking for backers either.  If I ever get the chance to enter a significant tournament, I’d like to say I got there myself.  This is certainly no reflection on those who choose such an option; it’s just some personal choice I’ve made.  It quite possibly could be a reflection of my own perceived lack of skills, but mainly it’s borne out of the feelings that I’d let more than just myself down by not placing in the money.

Anway, thanks again for the responses; I’ll see you all on the satellite circuit.

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