Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sweet Deal

So some bloggers have found themselves with invites to the Playboy Mansion.  That is some seriously good stuff.  Who said bloggers are gay?  Maybe it was blogs are gay.  I don’t know.

As a fun exercise, I asked mrsBlood what her response would be if I found myself in the fortunate situation of being able to go.  

“Hmm…,” she said, “I guess I’d say ‘yes’ because I’d hate to be that wife who said no.  But I wouldn’t like it.  All those girls would be rubbing themselves all over you.”

I responded, “You’d have nothing to worry about.  Trust me.  I have no money.  There will be NBA players there, Snoop Dogg, and so many other people with mega-millions that I’d be lucky to be served a drink.”


Were I to attend, I can imagine a conversation among Playmates that would go something like this:

Playmate #1:  “Hey, see that bald guy over there flexing to nobody in particular?  I hear he’ll give you a ride in his ’97 Saturn.”

Playmate #2:  “Really?  Do you know if it’s an SL1 or SL2?”

Playmate #1:  “Not sure, but does it matter?”

Playmate #2:  “No, good point.  What do you think it would take?  A quickie in the grotto?  A hummer?”

Playmate #1:  “I hear you only need to walk close by and inadvertently brush up against him with one of your breasts.”


Have a blast guys.  Those of us whose weekend entertainment will be taking their kids to soccer games want plenty of pictures and stories.  Mainly pictures.

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