Monday, April 24, 2006

Birthday Bash

Random pics from Saturday night’s birthday bash tournament:

Otis fixes up some martinis, courtesy of some Grey Goose. Awesome stuff!

A mrsBlood classic birthday cake. She doesn’t often cook, but she can bake.

TheMark with his pre-game drink. Juicy Juice.

The Wolverine, who would go on to take the entire tournament down and collect the bounties on my head.

Shep Tiltstein. With a beer. Duh.

Random101 in happier times, before his QQ loses to Wolverine’s JJ on the turn.

Otis learns Badugi, drawing 1 card.

Mr. and Mrs. Axeman. It’s not a G-Vegas tournament without the Axe.

UncleTed giving thumbs up to the food situation.

Post news cast cash game with G-Rob. Note, there is hair out of place, albeit not much.

The cash game heats up with more players.

BadBlood’s short-lived chip lead with 3 players left.

I forget who, maybe it’s the Axeman, but someone survives a shortstacked all-in with TQB’s.

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