Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I am the Chump

Ok fools, here it is.

I am not the Poker Champ.  I am 100% guilty of falling for this extended prank, and you know what?  I am disappointed.

Here’s why:

I was hoping to set up a UFC-style match between myself and Poker Champ at the December blogging gathering.  And now that can’t happen.

I was busy intensifying my training, cutting back calories, getting fucking RIPPED!!!  And now it’s all for not.  I was cycling through my iPod to determine a proper entrance music selection.  And now, who the hell cares?  Nobody.  Because Poker Champ is not real.

Seriously, who wouldn’t have bought a ticket to see Blood vs. Champ?  I have absolutely zero training in mixed martial arts, but so what.  I gotta figure that with him hitting the heavy bag after a few bad beats, he may have actually had the upper hand.  We’re both nearly the same age, but still, how hard can he possibly hit?

Damn you bastards.  Damn you straight to hell.

And for the record, I’m with Axeman – he thinks it’s Daddy.

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