Monday, May 22, 2006


Uber-rambling, commence!


Friday night was a rare night.  The in-laws stepped up to the plate and took the kids overnight so that the Mrs. and I could spend an evening alone.  It was, after all, her birthday.  I repeated my performance of last year by going solo on a “grande” size margarita at a downtown Mexican place.  I continued with my drinking efforts at the Thai food place down the street.  Yes, that’s right, I mixed cultures.  Mexican appetizers and Thai cuisine for dinner.  My gastrointestinal systems says, “Hey, thanks.”

And such a night marked the first night in a while that I played zero poker.  And you know what?  When I woke up on Saturday morning sans-kids, poker hadn’t collapsed.  My bankroll didn’t even fluctuate.  Everything was right where I left it.  Shocking, I know.


What did the Mrs. get for her birthday?  I nice little iPod Nano.  For her, it’s all about the packaging and Apple does know how to package.  Score one for me on the good gift list.  Meanwhile, my 3rd generation clunker still works in all its monotone glory.


Recent musical recommendations:

The Absence – From Your Grave
Manntis – Sleep In Your Grave

See anything similar?  No?  Me either.  Except that they both ROCK!!!1!!!! \m/ and all that.


Saturday was nice weather, so the mini’s and neighborhood kids played sprinkler basketball.  That’s regular basketball, but with a sprinkler cooling everyone off on the court of play, in this case, our driveway.

When a neighbor came by with a plastic cup full of his favorite beverage, I decided to join him in some afternoon imbibing festivities.  Down here in South Cackalacky, it only takes two people on a porch to have an official party.

And damn that Otis for introducing me to a dirty Grey Goose martini.  I extinguished my entire supply of vodka on Saturday.  Off to Total Wine for some more.


As I continued to watch my bankroll shrink this weekend, a friend (who can out himself if he wishes) told me about crushing the 3/6NL game on Stars for a healthy amount.  Meanwhile, me and my donk self, had been considering dropping down from the 1/2NL game because there’s too much sand in my crotch.

Buoyed by a friend’s success, I sacked up and multitabled the 1/2 game for a really nice win late on Saturday.  Nearly tripling up on two different tables is a nice boost.  I really should be ashamed for considering moving back down.  It’s not like I didn’t have the roll for the current level, just the wrong attitude.

Each time my roll drops and I get all pansy-assed about it, I fail to realize that I’ve managed to overcome the dips and valleys each and every time only to come out of it on the other side with all time highs.

I should really have some more self-confidence.  But it’s a fine line between having too much and not enough.  My conservative self would rather err on the other side.


While the cash game is going moderately well, my tourney game is in the shitter.  Either that or PokerStars is simply making me lose on purpose.  Probably the former.  When I logged on to play in the Gemini Gemini tournament tournament, I realized my mind simply wasn’t up to the task.

In a cash game, you can take a chance with a moderate holding.  The blinds don’t grow and your stack is one click away from being replenished.  Not so in a tournament.  Obviously.

I donked off my stack to the Drizzler and then got rivered by the Spaceman in the span of about 5 minutes.  Just horrible play on my part.  I really should have just gone to bed instead of embarrassing myself like that.

My tourney game has degenerated so much that I really should consider re-reading some Harrington because I’m so incredibly bad right now.


And so it goes on this Monday.  Back to work, back to monotony, back to….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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