Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shaken, Not Stirred

From the annals at UpForPoker….

I order another beer and Blood has more martini. This makes me laugh. What makes a man switch to martinis? I mean, if you're some douchebag suit and you have to impress the minions...that's one thing. But when a turbine counter gets all fancy, that's just odd.

Dirk Drizzler even went so far as to say that the drinks are Appletinis.  Well, they’re not, OK?  They are vodka Martini’s and that’s a huge (like me) difference.  They even have vegetables (green olives) for nourishment.


Last Wednesday, a friend from “up North” came to town.  He’s a poker player (well, he plays) and I get him invites to the G-Vegas game on occasion.  Since he’s my friend, G-Rob calls him Clot.  Get it?  Blood-Clot?  G-Rob is at times King of the Funny.  Anyway, prior to our pokering experience, we sat at the bar at the hotel at which he was staying and ordered different kinds of Martinis.  He ordered Kettel One and I went for the Grey Goose.  We compared smoothness, even going so far as to take a sip from each other’s glass.  What’s the PC term for this?  Ah yes, that’s right, uber-geigh.

Good Lord, G-Rob’s right.


Once my friend and I realized what we were doing, we over-compensated and took a visit to one of G-Vegas’ finest establishments.  Being the master of protocol, I drank manly beer so that the working staff would not be confused about my orientation.  After a couple of hours of “observation,” we made our way to the Underground Game.


I’ve been to the Underground Game a half-dozen times.  My two best performances there have been visits directly after an experience described above:  drinking, then “observation.”  I know that correlation does not imply causation, but I do believe that there is some significance to the data.

First, the lowering of inhibitions, just ever-so-slightly, has the effect of allowing me to play properly aggressive without that nervousness that sometimes accompanies that style of play.  Granted, there is a fine line between inhibition lowering and all-out donkification due to inebriation, but there is some middle ground there.

Secondly, after a few hours of, here’s that word again, “observation,” some part of my mind is cleared allowing a more thorough use of my brain towards the poker experience.  Am I rationalizing?  Conceivably, I am.  But that’s what guys do.


So, in a nutshell, this post can be summarized as follows:

G-Rob and Drizz call into question my manhood due to choice of drinks.
I relate an experience of sharing such drinks with another friend.
I realize that G-Rob and Drizz’s statements have merit.
I overcompensate by gazing at “teh boobiez.”
I rationalize the above and its effect on my poker skills with a round-a-bout, whack-ass conclusion.

And that, dear readers, is BadBlood on Poker.

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