Friday, June 09, 2006

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Got through a mild scare yesterday - after my workout my cell phone had a bunch of missed calls from the Mrs. on it.  After finally getting a hold of her, she informed me she was taking miniBlood to the ER.  Not good.  He knows better, but for some reason he decided that doing a flip on our couch was a real good idea.  It wasn’t.  According to his sister, he landed awkwardly on his head and neck.  Kids are resilient, but mini was hurting in a bad way for close to an hour.  Luckily for him, it was effectively like getting whiplash and he’ll be fine.

Obviously, other things were on my mind while hosting the weekly home game.  That’s probably why I paid G-Rob off when his Q8o cracked my KK even when I knew I was beat.


I’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow.  I’m making like uber-Dad and driving the family to Disney World in Florida with a pre-visit to the grandparents near Naples.  We’ll be staying at the Nickelodeon hotel, home to Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron.

It will be a dream come true if I get to meet Jurgen von Strangle, head enforcer of the Fairy World from Fairly Oddparents.  I’ll leave it up to the reader to figure out why.


I may or may not get a post up between now and when I get back.  I’m bringing some chips and cards for some Chip Challenges™ just to avoid getting rusty.  May the rest of you out there have some great luck and great cards go your way.

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