Wednesday, July 19, 2006


For those asking questions in the comments of the previous post, the general idea would be to have all the preliminary tournaments run on Saturday, September 2nd.  Then the top 6 point-earners over the course of Saturday would reconvene on Sunday for the final tournament.  The structure would be similar to last year’s event.  I’ll post more details and send out an email as we draw closer to the event.  It’s a $100 buy-in, but you’ll play plenty of poker for sure.  And yes, Maudie, you are officially invited to attend.  I’ll roll out the red carpet.  Wes, feel free to bring as many of your friends as you wish.  I totally expect Falstaff and maybe TripJax to get there.  And where’s this guy been?  G-Vegas wants to know.  And CC, what say you?


A few people know, but I figured I’d let everyone else in on the fact that I’ll be making a trip to Vegas from August 2nd to the 6th.  I will be joining G-Rob and CJ out there, watching some of the main event and playing as much as I can.  Sadly, Grubby will not be there, so Pauly and I may be venturing out sans-Grub to parts unknown.  I am very much looking forward to the trip since I couldn’t make it to the blogger thang earlier this month.  Will I buy into a minor event?  Not sure yet.


I had a recent experience that shed some light on life’s priorities.  I won’t go into details (but if you catch me in person, and I’ve been drinking, I’ll be happy to share), but when I was finally given news that everything was OK, it was like a 40 lb. anvil was lifted off my chest.

Last Thursday, I wasn’t even looking forward to my Vegas trip.  Last Thursday, I played (using that term loosely) a cash game where I called a pre-flop raise in which two people went all-in before me with T9s.  My head was nowhere near the poker game.  In fact, I was only playing to take my mind off of what was going on, but that failed miserably.

The last few nights of online poker, after receiving the all-clear, I was pretty much able to play without getting all worked up about the bad beats that invariably occurred.  I just had to think back to the instant on Monday when my issues were resolved and it made losing to a two-outer seem so unimportant.

No need to dwell any longer there.


I also bought a new car.  G-Rob and Axeman already know what I purchased, so those guys are not allowed to guess.  Feel free to give it a go in the comments.

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