Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rock On With Thy Bad Selves

Sadly, this week marks the first of four blogger gatherings in Vegas that I will not be attending.  Instead, I’ll be earning even more positive familial EV by spending 4 days camping with my in-laws up in North Carolina.  In discussions with other patriarchs, we’ve determined that once you maximize your familial EV, any extra generated is simply wasted.  You do however begin spending it immediately once the bucket is filled.  There is no changing that; it’s just the way things are.

One good thing about missing the trip is that I’ll avoid paying all my readers tens upon tens of dollars for having to read about bad beats over and over.  Only I have the power to push into the runner-runner draws and lose.  If CJ is the luckbox, then I am the suckbox.

I was looking forward to meeting some new faces and old faces for the first time.  I’ll admit that FWALG and Hoy were on my list of eagerly anticipated introductions.  Perhaps next time guys.  I certainly don’t have to mention how I’ll miss seeing again everyone else I’ve already met.  Feel free to dial-a-shot me into oblivion during my stay in the mountains.  Lord knows I’ll have the alcohol handy.  How else to get through such a weekend?

One thing you all should remember to do is thank April.  I’ve never had the misfortune of having to organize anything blogger related, but I imagine it’s quite a hassle.  I’m sure she’ll follow in the footsteps of Bill Rini and CJ, and put together a mighty fine event for you all.  Even though I won’t be there, I can appreciate what she’s done.

Also, I was really hoping to get out there and get an autographed copy of DoubleAs book by all the contributing authors.  Perhaps next time.

I’ll probably hang low for a bit and just read the attending blogger’s trip reports as well as the fantasmagorical WSOP coverage by the industry’s finest.

Carry on.

PS:  If anyone finds it, please send my game back to me, I’ve lost it somewhere.

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