Friday, August 18, 2006

I Say Thee Neigh

I took some time off from the NL ring games and played around a bit with the new Pokerstars HORSE games.  I played the $2/$4 game for 5 full orbits of each game.

Everything you hear about the game is true.  I won a large pot on the first Stud deal on one rotation when my opponent obviously loved his great Razz hand.

+24BB at the end of the night, even after losing a big pot with 6532A to a 6432A

I would imagine many of the mixed game specialists are currently drooling.  Thanks to Wil for the email spam notification.

PS:  I silently railbirded Wil at the .25/.50 LIMIT game for about 5 minutes.  $10 says he was teaching Nolan to play for his birthday.

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