Monday, August 28, 2006

Most Excellent

Important update in the comments, check it.

Since poker content is at a lull, here’s a random list of 5 songs that I’ve recently got into.  Few will care, but those who do will be thankful.

1.  As noted in the comments of an AlCantHang post, Killswitch Engage’s cover of Dio’s Holy Diver is most excellent.  Find it on a CD called Kerrang’s High Voltage 2006.  “Look out!” never sounded so good.

2.  The 1st video released for Lamb of God’s Sacrament CD is called Redneck.  It more closely resembles early Vulgar Display-era Pantera, but to me, it is also most excellent.

3.  You’d have to find this next song on the MTV2 Headbanger’s Ball CD called The Revenge, but Hatebreed’s To The Threshold is, as they say, most excellent.

4.  A relatively underappreciated band called God Forbid recorded the next most excellent song called The End of the World.  It appears on their CD IV: Constitution of Treason.

5.  Last, but not least, I give you Opeth’s The Grand Conjuration.  As a final exercise for the reader, you may guess my rating for this song.

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