Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sneak One In

Ok, one last post before I go, what the heck.

My last live action before Vegas happened last night at TheRick’s, who has officially changed monikers to “Gucci Rick.”  I will tell you one thing, it’s especially nice to book a solid win two days before you head out for a poker weekend.  Especially nice.

One hand for you hand analysis junkies coming up.

I’m on the button at an 8-handed table.  Everyone (and when I say everyone, I mean everyone) limped in for $2 to me.  I hadn’t done much in the way of raising for at least an orbit or two, so when I looked down at T7o, it felt right to make a play.  Who says G-Rob can’t teach you anything?  Position rules.  I made it $15 to go and managed to thin the field; if narrowing the field to 5 players pre-flop can be considered “thinning.”

The flop comes and it’s A73 with two spades.  I caught a small piece, but I need to find out how much.  It’s checked around to me, and if anything is in order, it’s certainly a continuation bet.  I fire out $30 into the $75 pot and get one early position caller.  At this point, it’s quite easy to determine possible holdings.  He either has a weak Ace or two spades.

The turn brings another Ace and EP checks.  I’m now leaning towards two spades and bet $45.  It’s not a great bet, in fact, it’s probably correct for all flush draws to call here.  But I want my opponent to think I want a call.  I want him to think that I may have a solid holding like 77 or AK.  He thinks for a bit longer and calls.

The river is an off-suit King, the flush draw did not get there.  EP checks again.

Now here’s some consideration.  I’m confident the flush draw missed, but I’m not so sure I can win the hand by checking the river.  That last King represents a scare card to me, although my opponent surely doesn’t know it.  Often times, checking the river is correct, but this time, it wasn’t.

I needed an appropriate bet size.  One that was big enough so that EP would lay down his hand, but also small enough to continue with my “has a hand” story I’d been telling.  I figured $70 into a $225 was the right amount.

After some deliberation, EP folds KJ of spades.  I win.  G-Rob said he was proud of the way I played the hand after I showed my bluff.  Given that I showed, I had to tighten up the rest of the night because I surely was going to get called down from there on out.

Rock on.

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