Thursday, November 02, 2006


I was playing rather poorly.  I wasn’t on tilt, I was just playing my cards to ensure maximum damage to my stack.  After donating a little more than 2 ½ buy-ins, I was sitting with a lowly $150 in seat three.  My spirits weren’t bad; after all, I was here with the Big4 of G-Vegas.  It was another well-planned Wednesday, where after a few drinks at a local watering hole complete with a session of “Playing Pool With Morons”, we all hit the black felt at the Spring Hotel together.  “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “can’t win every time.”

I was in early-ish position, perhaps UTG+2.  I still believe that if you want to play a pot, it’s best to come in for a raise than limp.  I still had close to a buy-in in front of me, so when I looked to see 89d for my hole cards, I made it $11 to go.  The semi-solid player to my left, named Crispin, called as did one other late position player.

The flop came.  It was 6dTdQc.  If you’re like me, you love that flop.  I’ve got an incredibly well concealed double belly buster straight draw as well as a flush draw.  I was of the belief that the flop hit me pretty well.  So I led out for $20 and Crispin smooth called.  LP folded and the turn came.  It was the 3 of clubs.  Whoosh.  That was the sound of me missing my draw.

I hated to, but I checked the turn.  Time to see if Crispin was made.  Apparently, he wasn’t.  He checked the turn too and I got to see the river for free.  There it was.  The seven.  Of diamonds.

I wish I could see my own face when it hit, to see if I gave anything away.  I figured Crispin for a fold, but based on other circumstances, I didn’t care to extract any more value from him on this hand.  I pushed my remaining $125 or so into the pot and he insta-called.  Poor bastard.  He had AJd for the nut flush.

Debate ensued as to whether you can call the Ace-high flush the nut flush when there’s a straight flush that beats it.  There are two schools of thought.  First, a straight flush is a better flush than the Ace high and should be called the nut flush.  However, others claim that the straight flush is a separate hand in and of itself, beating a full house and quads – something a normal flush cannot do.

I didn’t give a rat’s ass.  Sure I doubled up and won a nice pot.  But I didn’t care about that either.  Why?

Because at the Spring Hotel, there’s not only rake taken out of the pot, but also an additional dollar.  For the jackpot.  Which is triggered any time someone hits a straight flush to the Ten or higher.

Like I just did.

Next up:  BSP – Big Stack Poker

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