Friday, November 17, 2006


Every now and again, it’s good to take a step back and enjoy things for what they are.  If you’ve read these pages regularly, you’d know about how the G-Vegas home game, once a flourishing weekly event, had nearly died a slow, painful death.  What started as a $30 max buy-in game had grown to $50 and then to $100.  As the buy-in grew, the player base shrank.  The attempt to make the game more serious to some players made the game inaccessible to others.  The dispersion of player-types had been accelerated by the growth in stakes, and by the summer of 2006, the game was for all intents and purposes dead.

The Gaelic Game and The Spring Hotel Game provided the much sought after action to some of the successful regulars.  Occasionally, one or two players from the former crowd would take a shot at the $200 games around town, but not frequently enough to be considered a regular.

Harkening back to the game of a year ago, last night was the first .25/.50 blind game played in G-Vegas for quite some time at Casa de G-Rob.  And you know what?  It was fun.

It was fun to have TeamScottSmith back at the table.  It was fun seeing Shep Tiltstein again.  Even Random101 made an appearance, cashing out the big winner.  Nine players – we haven’t had nine players at a home game in ages.

Sure the stakes were less than what G-Rob and I have been playing lately.  Still, we took the game seriously and had a good time.  The positive EV of having good company at the poker table is often overlooked.  Last night I was reminded of that.

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