Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Way to bring your online game here to Rick’s – G-Rob

Yeah, it’s sad that I’m leading off another post with a quote from G-Rob.  But quite frankly, I haven’t played much poker with him the last month or so.  It was good to have him back at the Monday game at GucciRick’s.

Alas, ‘twas one of those nights.  I believe I played rather well, in fact, I believe I had the most money put into the pot while ahead last night than I have in a long time.  Turns out I finished up a loser.  Not a big one, less than one buy-in, but a loser nonetheless.  And things started out so well…

On hand #3, after one pre-flop raiser and a caller, I find pocket Queens.  I re-raise and GucciRick goes into the tank his brother has made so famous.  He ends up calling and it folds all around.  The flop is 8-high rainbow, so I bet out.  Rick pushes and I insta-call, putting him on a smaller pocket pair above 8’s, but below Queens.  Tens fit the bill, and he didn’t 2-outer me, so I had a quick double up.

Very next hand.  Very.  More raising, more calling, and I find pocket Kings.  Re-raise!  The original pre-flop raiser from UTG re-raises me and I employ my new found psychic ability to determine he doesn’t have Aces.  So I push.  He calls with AKs.  “I folded an Ace,” comes a comment from one of the folders.  Super.  River.  Suckout.  Stack size:  $200.  Stack size shoulda been:  $600.

Not soon after, and I mean within probably one orbit, I get dealt pocket Tens UTG in a straddled pot.  Raise.  GucciRick calls and G-Rob puts him immediately on Ax, as did I.  The flop was Ten-high with two clubs.  I bet out, but on the weak side, hoping to induce a raise.  I got one.  I pushed.  GucciRick called with his A8 of clubs.  Super. Turn.  Suckout.  River doesn’t pair the board.  Rebuy.  Stack size:  $0.  Stack size shoulda been:  $800.

We’re still in the first hour here.  And yet again, there’s a pre-flop raise from TheMark and I look down to find pocket Queens.  Re-raise, again.  Mark calls.  The flop is 8-high, all spades.  It goes check-check.  Turn is a Ten, I bet close to the pot.  Call.  Super.  River.  Suckout.  Ten.  Check-check.  Mark tables AT, no spades.  I had the Queen of spades.  I gave him the turn card for free, such that he was then drawing to a 3-outer.  Stack size:  $300 (I had won some other pots).  Stack size shoulda been:  $1000.

Later in the evening, I got dealt pocket Kings again, but folded on the turn when the board read AQQx.  Nice board there.  I had pocket Jacks, but folded on a AQTx board.  The last time I had pocket Jacks, I was up against AK.  The flop was K-high.

Still, I only came out of there down less than one buy-in.  But man, to have $1k at that table would have made the whole night a helluva lot more fun.  There would have been so many opportunities to play some big-stack poker, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be.  On those three suckouts, I did not put one single dime of money into the pot behind.  And for that, I came away feeling that I played better than the final results showed.

Deposits to the equity bank suck.

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