Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 1 Ends

I ungraciously excused myself from the 1/2NL table after a suckout, to which one of the players sarcastically jibed at me, “Don’t worry man, you’ll grind it back up.”  Not one for confrontations, I ignored the guy and sat down with the recently arrived Otis and TheMark at a 2/5NL table.  CJ and G-Rob were there too.  In what could well be described as the ultimate in stupid table selection, the 5 of us sat at the same table more deeply stacked than we’d ever played at home in G-Vegas.  There were three other people at the table too, one of which would be about to donate $2500 to the rest of the players.

I believe we called him “Fur Coat Guy.”  He was of African American descent and wore a very fluffy, very furry, very un-cool black coat.  Well, maybe it was cool and I just had the wrong perspective.  He was horrible at poker.  During one hand when the board had a four card straight but had flopped three clubs, Fur Coat Guy led out with a sizeable bet.  A player to the right of CJ flat called and then CJ pushed.  Even though we were at the Horseshoe at the time, players over at the Gold Strike knew that CJ had flopped a flush.  Fur Coat Guy called with the ass-end of the straight.  Imagine a board of 89TQx and you’re holding 67.  Do you call here?  Not only did Fur Coat Guy call CJ, but the other guy to his right also called him.  Free fuckin’ money right there.  Sadly I couldn’t get much of it.  I did post a winning session there, which quelled my asinine losses at the previous table.

Lest there be any accusations of us slow-playing one another, TheMark and G-Rob got into a classic dick-swinging contest for which they are famous.  On a J35 rainbow board, both players got it all-in on the flop.  TheMark held JJ and looked good with top set.  When the turn brought an Ace and the river a blank, G-Rob scooped the pot.  Nothing like busting a set of Jacks with 24o.

After the 5 of us started to hit a wall, we left the game at about 5:30am.

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