Monday, January 15, 2007

Fool Proof

Well, color me dumb.  Someone else went out and bought the furniture at its reduced price the day before my wife could get back there.  Ooops.  Best laid plans and all.

The countdown to Tunica is at 3 days right now.  Based on my ability to make solid, fool-proof plans, here’s what I anticipate going down in Mississippi.

I will arrive in Memphis on Thursday wherein G-Rob and I will meet up with Otis and TheMark.  Because those two booked later than us, they were able to fly though GSP less expensively than our flights were through Charlotte.  We gambled on prices going up and lost.  Still, their 40-minute wait time for us will allow them to rent a car for the drive to Tunica.

We will check in to the Grand and formulate the plan for Day 1.  For me, Day 1 will include a trip to the Gold Strike Casino and their $1/$2 NL tables.  I plan on easing into the trip rather than head right to $2/$5.  Soon after sitting down, I will be dealt pocket Jacks and flop quads.  My skill at slowplaying them will be rewarded with a bad beat against runner-runner straight flush.  Oddly, that will have been my plan all along.

I will gaze up at the LED in the poker room to the sign that says:  Bad Beat Jackpot - $80,000.  I will receive my loser’s 40% share and collect my $32k.  After which point, I will register for the WPT main event that is to start on Sunday, the day I’m supposed to leave.

I will re-book my flight home to coincide with my final table appearance.  I will luckbox my way to a several hundred thousand dollar payoff by finishing 3rd.

Sounds pretty reasonable.

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