Friday, February 16, 2007

Supply and Demand

Welcome to G-Vegas.

If you ever visit, and have a Jonesing for poker, we can help. One of the things I predicted last fall when the UIGEA was passed was that there would be a surge in live poker. I didn’t think our little town would respond as such; I was thinking along the lines that legal B&M rooms in Vegas, Atlantic City, Mississippi and California would see an increase in business.

I was wrong.

In G-Vegas, you can find a game at the Spring Hotel on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s. The Gaelic Game runs its mayhem on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s. With the Gucci Rick home game on Monday, the process of elimination leaves Thursday as a free night. That used to be our favorite night for home games, but we sadly don’t have those as often as we used to.

The local degenerates decided that it’s silly not to have a game every day of the week and as such a Thursday night game was born.


Upon pulling into the disclosed location, G-Rob and I were a bit wary. Yet another house, shrouded in darkness with a dozen cars parked out of sight from the main road. We recognized a familiar vehicle, one driven by G-Vegas legend Frank the Tank. At least there would be someone we’d recognize at this game.

It turns out, we recognized just about everyone. This game was just another night and just another location for the regulars who inhabit the other games around town. At first, I didn’t think we’d make this game very often, but based on its familiarity with the dealers and players, both of us felt comfortable enough such that we’d most likely come back on random Thursday’s when we had nothing better to do.


Speaking of nothing to do, with my unceremonious exits from both FTOPS events that I played in, the nights of grinding away at the poker machine will be diminished. But such is life. When something that takes up a bunch of your time goes away, other activities slowly fill the void; and before you know it, you wonder where the time went.

I remember when I was taking classes two nights a week, and the kids were at the terror-inducing ages of 4 and 2. I was busy as hell and couldn’t wait to finish my MBA degree and simply do nothing except vegetate. Online poker eventually filled that gap; and at this point, live poker may fill at least some of that void left in the wake of the Fristing.

And because I bought Mrs_Blood some new furniture last month, my poker leash was extended by a few links in the chain. It’s my job not to abuse that because word around town is that she’s in the market for new carpet. Bankroll, shmankroll, she says.

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