Thursday, April 05, 2007

Old Time's Sake

If you've read the blog for a while, you've more than likely seen a shift in content away from online poker and more towards the live scene here in G-Vegas. It's no coincidence, back in February I cashed out 75% of my online money and relegated myself to some small buy-in tournaments or lower stakes cash games. Since then, I managed to bad-beat and bad-play myself away from the remaining 25%. When that happened, I thought to myself that perhaps I'd erred on the side of caution with respect to the viability of online poker. Still better to play small stakes than have a few thousand unobtainable dollars tied up.

But, as with my bet with G-Rob last year proved, I couldn't not play. I managed to sign up for a PayTru card and snuck $500 back on to Stars with the intention of making it last as long as I could. On Full Tilt, I was dry however.

Last night, after a couple of metal related emails between StB, Al and I, Al wondered why I hadn't signed up yet for the Mookie. Well, duh. I didn't have $11 on Full Tilt, that's why. So Al phoned me up and convinced me to accept a transfer to play. What the hell, I thought. I hadn't played in a blogger tourney in ages and it just might be fun.

Well it was.

I got to play with some new faces and old friends. MiamiDon broke my Mookie cherry by finally busting me in 5th place. Maudie, my favorite WPBT blogger to outplay me in Tunica, was also there and finished 4th. Of course, final tabling your own tourney is always nice as Mookie can attest to. Also, StB managed to avoid a bubble finish which more than likely would have crushed his spirit beyond repair.

Since Al was gracious enough to stake me, it's only fair for me to pimp this little effort of his, Hoy's and Mook's called Battle of the Bloggers.

Now the real question is will I be able to play in enough of these events to do well? Not sure yet, but I'll certainly try a bit harder to be there. Of course, just finding an excuse to talk metal with PokerPeaker may be a motivating factor.

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