Monday, June 25, 2007

Linkage and Pimpage

I haven't really been a responsible blogger and pimped some other stuff that's out there in a while, so while there's a lull in my ability to relate a decent poker-themed story in a cheap, knock-off Otis impersonation, I simply leave you with the following random shi-zizzle:

Firstly, the Talking Poker Forum that I've just recently been able to re-visit from the friendly confines of my cublice is looking for new members:

Talking Poker Forum

The forum is small-ish, but is thankfully devoid of trolls and morons. And like I've mentioned before, the moderator is a nice guy, frequent contributor and has final tabled a WSOP event twice.

Then there's the Fantasy Sports Live site that Blinders, Pauly and JoeSpeaker have been working on. Looks cool to me so far, and given my short attention span with Fantasy Sports, may be the answer to the age-old problem of not seeing payouts for months on end.

Also, big shout-out to Pauly himself for finishing ITM in Event #38 over the weekend. I guess if you're going to bust out, who better than Erica Schoenberg to do it.

Entirely not poker related, but since Iggy is involved with it, it gets some mention. is a very well put together site focusing on the sport of mixed martial arts. I was one of those folks who in the early nineties forked over the cash for the original UFC pay-per-views and would watch them with some buddies while having a few brews. This site was one that rejuvenated my interest and my, how the sport has changed. Mainstream media has yet to "get it" with respect to the dedication and pure athleticism that the competitors display, but UFCJunkie does.

And finally, as a service to PokerPeaker who asked in the comments of a recent post what I've been listening too of late, here are some suggestions.

The Dead Eye by The Haunted
Shadows Are Security by As I Lay Dying
Internal Revolution by Diecast


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