Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So I've moved up to the $33+3 turbos, and have found little initial success. On my first 10 tries, I had three 2nd's and a craptastic ROI. Small sample, variance, you get the picture. Still, I hate to lose under any circumstances, even though this time my roll is well funded for this level.

I got home Wednesday (after a kick-ass workout, I'm SHREDDING!) and immediately got kicked out of the family room so that the kids could finish studying with the wife. Hey, I have no problem with that. Off to the pokery machine.

After starting up an SNG with hopes of finishing before the clan moved upstairs; I got down to the final 3, which is pretty common in 6-max turbos, and in popped the wife's head.

"How you doing?" she queried.

"I was planning on winning," I replied; a subtle dig to her well-documented jinx-like nature. Emphasis on the word "was."

Undeterred, she sat down beside me.

"I talked to your mother today," she sighed.

What's your play, dear reader?


Option A) Resign the fact that you're doomed to lose this SNG and mollify the wife as she spills her feelings about her mother-in-law.

Option B) Risk a reign of terror and tell her to "Get out of the room until I'm done."


Due to my initial failures at the $33+3 level, I chose option B. Dumb, yet smart at the same time. I won the turbo, making my ROI at this level slightly less mega-fishy. But then the hard part: get back into the good graces of the Mrs.

It took a while (a bit longer than normal) but I managed it. That's two wins, two, for the price of one.

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