Thursday, November 08, 2007

There's no live poker game this Thursday night for me, so there is a slim chance that I may find myself in the Riverchasers tournament tonight. I wish I could spend more time playing in some of the BBTwo events since the grand prize package is so kickass. Everyone else has said it so I might as well too, even though I haven't played in one - Thanks to ACH for doing the legwork. Regardless of who wins, it will be fun to watch a blogger head down under and compete with the big boys.

Speaking of blogger tournaments, this December's Winter Classic will be my 5th attempt at cashing in a live blogger event. I'm enthusiastic about this one, being at the Venetian and having a good structure. Quite the opposite from the debacle at the Orleans.

As far as what else I may do in Vegas that weekend, it looks like Metal Skool isn't playing that Thursday which is a human tragedy beyond all proportions. I guess I feel genuinely lucky to have seen them that one time back in June. I'm pretty sure that upon touchdown Thursday the 6th, Otis and I will head straight for PF Chang's, followed up with some pokery things at an as yet to be determined card room. Friday procedure anyone?

Looking forward to meeting some new friends and hanging with some old ones too. Can I segue that into a pimp of sorts? Sure, why not? PokerProf just sent me a couple of links that you might find interesting. Joe's about as old-school poker blogger as you can get, he and his father are great guys and always fun to catch up with.

The Las Vegas poker Room Directory
Poker tournaments directory

I'll close this post out with this very pertinent sports-related issue: Since I'm a card-carrying Boston sports fan, I think it's time we really started talking about the possibility of an undefeated season. The Celtics are 3-0.

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