Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I'll get posts up about the trip. Promise. Just too busy at the moment to give things their proper due.

Tonight I'm heading to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, courtesy my Fortune 5 company. I had no idea who they were and did a web search. One of the founding composers was Jon Oliva. Man, was that name familiar to me. Could it be the same one? It sure was. The former lead vocalist of Savatage was behind this seasonal band.

Along with Al Pitrelli (formerly of Alice Cooper and Megadeth) and Alex Skolnick (formerly of Testament), this band plays holiday classics with a rock orchestra slant. I'm really looking forward to it. You may have heard their signature song Christmas Eve/Sarajevo on the radio during this time of year.

Even better, I get to wear my Vegas shirt again tonight. I got more compliments from my fellow male bloggers on that shirt. Just the exact reason I bought it. I anticipate a yeah/whatever look from the Mrs. upon putting it on. But still, it's an appropriate shirt for the season.

"Don I now my gay apparel."


StB said...

Seriously? You have no idea who Trans Siberian Orchestra was?

Go pick up Savatage's Dead Winter Dead. Awesome music!

BadBlood said...

Yeah, I felt pretty dense. I lost track of Savatage after Gutter Ballet.

Heather said...

PS, I did like that shirt, even if I didn't get paid to tell you that :)