Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Small Notice

Several people have surprised me this year in asking, "Hey, you going to run a New Year's Day tournament this year?"

Since I've done so for the past three years, I feel obligated to continue.

So, the 4th annual BadBlood New Year's Day Tournament is officially on. Email to my mailing list will go out shortly.

The location will be my house, as always; and I'm thinking about a 2pm start time so that the massively hung over will have a shot at waking in time.

Last year's buy-in was $60, so we'll probably go with that again.

One last caveat: I have room for 3 tables. You MUST reply to my email to reserve a seat. If you've never received a poker-related email from me before, you're probably not on my list. If you wish to get on, drop me a line at my gmail address.

That is all. More trip reports forthcoming.


CarmenSinCity said...

Do you happen to live in Florida cause that's where I'll be for New Year's Eve. If so, I'm be there!!

BadBlood said...

Sorry Carmen, we're in South Carolina. Where in Florida?