Tuesday, January 01, 2008

4th Annual New Year's Day Results

23. Phil Levin
22. SpecialK
21. Mrs_Blood
20. ChapelHillInc.
19. Lusky
18. Wolverine
17. G-Rob
16. Big Pirate
15. Tresa
14. Random101
13. TeamScottSmith
12. Otis
11. Rich Lavalla
10. Shep
9. Stan McKinney
8. TheCurt
7. TripJax
6. The Rankster
5. Jeff Newman
4. Jim
3. Falstaff
2. TheMark
1.. BadBlood (not a typo)


Pauly said...

So rigged...

Maudie said...

So very rigged...

Anonymous said...

sorry about missing it..the car is still in the shop.. :(

Congrats on hosting and winning!! seems to never happen

Jim The Knife said...

4th Place finisher "Jim" should here in after be referred to as "Jim The Knife"

My nick name used to be Jimmy The Knife but many computer programs will not handle the length... :(

Uncle Ted said...