Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Relative Worth

2006_BadBlood: "The Big Game at Gucci Rick's is still pretty tense for me to play in. I'm probably considered overly tight, but I still manage to get my solid hands paid off. This home game is definitely a step up for me and I look forward to the challenge. I consider this game a requisite stepping stone to advancing my game to the next level."

2007_BadBlood: "Great night last night at Gucci Rick's. Posted an expected win worth a couple of buy-ins. Can't wait to take my game to the underground circuit on Wednesday and then again on Saturday. Hopefully there's not much going on at home this week so I can play all three nights. This is the year I make my mark on the local scene."

2008_BadBlood: "Funs times at Gucci Rick's. Posted a winning session, but more importantly, it was a good time. Lots of laughs around the table, interspersed with some good poker made the night really enjoyable for me. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I should see them again next week. Winning was fun, but to be honest, I just caught some good cards at the right time. No need to let it go to my head. I made one bad call, but nobody's perfect."


Anonymous said...


I have read your blog off and on for a few years. In fact it was through your blog that I found talkingpoker.com, which I post at pretty regularly. First off, great stuff. You are a fantastic writer and you should keep playing poker if only to not deny your readers the pleasure of your blog. Here is what I don't understand. Why don't you move your game online? It allows you to keep your priorities in whatever order you prefer, get in a lot of hands in a short amount of time, and in the current environment, probably has less risk involved than live poker. I ask from the perspective of a father of two young kids. I work part-time and am at home with my kids by 11am everyday. If I get in 40 hrs a month of poker online I can average more than enough to compensate for my missed income by only working part-time and staying home with my kids.

Yes, they are different creatures, but it seems like you could find a balance between live and online that is satisfying. For example, the live poker you play could be about the social/boozy aspect of the game and the online part could be about you and the game. If you have the desire and time to continue this, please start a thread at talkingpoker.com. I am interested in what you have to say about it.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Love this post, BB.

Also curious about the first comment above, as this is something I have wondered about you specifically more and more as I hear more stories about the gritty underground games in G-Vegas and the stuff that goes on there. I know online poker will never have the fun associated with the social aspects of live poker, but I find things like the regular blogger tournaments if nothing else to provide me a decent substitute for the "live home games with friends" things that I wish I had more of these days.

BamBam said...

Blood, you know that I read... and then read between the lines. I think this post say's tons about BadBlood the man. These last two post's were written by the BadBlood I met for 30 seconds in Vegas.

I will not let that happen again. The next time we meet, we will talk, we will drink and we will start some form of new "procedure."

As for melioris, read here more "on" than "off." There has been plenty of talk here of Blood's on-line exploits.

But I am with Hoy for sure. It ain't easy being this far East and putting in 10-14 hour days at "The Quarry" and still making time for a blogger tourney or two. But brudder Carson and the TuckFards throw a game together on Monday's. There's the mixed games Chad throws on Tuesday's, Mookies Wedneday game, the ever popular Riverchasers brought to us by Al on Thursday's, or for some serious mind bending "look at all those drunk Donkey's" alternative fun, you've just got to try the all-in, $1 re-buy fun on a Friday night at Kat's Donkament. All of these could use just a touch of BadBlood once in a while.

I never know which one, (or ones) I can make to until the day of. I just know that I'd really like to see you on the virtual felt at one of these things in the future.

BB's in spirit... just rockin' on.

Anonymous said...


I saw your post on another blog and figured I'd give you a headsup about a WPT giveaway I'm running this year.

You can win a weeklong vacation in the Bahamas, training from the pro's and a shot at 10 WPT buyins plus $10,000 in cash!

The first satellite is held on Full Tilt Poker (a freeroll) February 10th.

Right now there's only 34 players signed up, the top 4 advance to a single-table semi-final in February. The fields aren't going to get any smaller as word of this promotion spreads. So if you want in, you'll want to play some of the earlier events to have less competition.

Hope the tables & life are treating you well, and I look forward to you playing in our WPT satellite for free!