Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Zero Poker Content Post With Parent Brag Pics

Years ago when we were in dire need of babysitting, we were fortunate enough to find a dedicated high school student who pegged the meter on the responsibility scale. She was by far the best babysitter we've ever had.

As your kids age, so too does your babysitter. We kept in contact as she went to college and finally graduated. We became friends and went to her wedding last year. On some occasions, she'd bring her boyfriend/fiance/husband to the house to help watch the kids. He's a great guy too and our kids love both of them.

Why did I like her choice in husband? Because he likes my type of music, that's why. Both of them came back to babysit for us once again last month, even though they're pretty much grown adults now. After we got home he asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with him in January down in Atlanta.

It was a band I'd never seen but always wanted to. So, tonight that's where I'll be. If the metal gods treat me right, they'll perform their cover of Holy Diver.

"Look out!"


In the meantime, here are two pics from my parent's recent visit. My son has never received instruction on his golf swing, he's just a natural. Check the form and follow through!


Bill said...

If my swing looked half that good I might play more than twice a year.

Klopzi said...

I wonder how many years it will be until I trust someone other than my wife's family to babysit our kids? I've totally forgotten what it's like to be able to go out for a movie or dinner with my wife without having to pack up the entire house and ship the kids off to Grandma's place.

By the way, I'm going to link you up on my blog. If you happen to pop by my site and like what you read, could you link me up on your site?

CC said...

If you're going to keep him as a southpaw, then break the sticks and put a baseball in his hand. Average salary for a horrible left-handed middle reliever: $3.7mil/yr.

BamBam said...

Old Annihilator.... LOL !

Man I'm old !

Anonymous said...

Hey, aren't you going to New Orleans next week?


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