Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Rollin'

Free rolls are funny. If I have AK vs AK, the board will usually come runner-runner flush for my opponent. He was of course free-rolling. Such events may lead the winner to rise from the table screaming. He may even kick over a trash can or something in celebration. (That's for you Broc.)

Other times, when I'm the one free-rolling, the board bricks out and it's choppin' brocco-lay. Such is life.

Tonight however, I was graciously invited to play in a free roll on Full Tilt by Joe over at Seems they have a blogger over there named LeCheese who wanted to challenge some of us other poker bloggers to a duel of sorts. He seemed quite confident, even issuing a $100 bounty on himself.

Well, guess who was first out. No, not me. LeCheese succumbed to an unfortunate wrap draw on the flop against his pocket Aces. Wrap draw? Yes, wrap draw - we were playing PL HA.

I managed to chip up early, but then lost a race to Seattle John when his JJ held against my AKs all-in pre-flop. I had plenty of chips left though and didn't get too worked up about it. Unfortunately, TripJax and DoubleAs couldn't show up and got blinded off. We hit the final table a bit early - and those two still made it.

Sadly, I eliminated Drizz when I flopped a set of Kings and he didn't improve. We were 4-handed with myself, Seattle John, Mookie99, and another Rakebrain forum player JJProdigys Gran.

It was a winner-take-all free roll for $500, so it was going to get interesting. And because I'm a pretty boring person in real life, when I managed to acquire the chip lead, I offered a 4-way chop. Who wants to play for 3 hours, come in second and get squat? Not me. Perhaps a bit vag-tastic, but $125 guaranteed is $125 guaranteed.

So when the all-in fest came after we agreed to the chop, guess who won?



StB said...

Well done Blood!

BamBam said...

Maybe it's not Free Roll's?

It's gotta be how "Blood roll's."


RaisingCayne said...


"...$125 guaranteed is $125 guaranteed."... indeed!

Anonymous said...

Freerolls in my opinion are usually a waste of time. It reminds me of way back when, when I use to enjoy playing at play money tables (wow, what was I thinking?). Only when you hit the final table of a freeroll tournament is the game play up to par.

Anonymous said...

Here's my experience of a FullTilt freeroll - not happy reading I'm afraid.

1400 and some-odd people were signed up, but I think that only 500-600 were actually playing. At my first table there were only 3 humans, and it took me two full levels to convince the other two players that we could make money just taking turns stealing the blinds from the people that weren’t there. Finally they understood, sort of. One guy was with it from the start, the other guy just couldn’t seem to grasp the concept that a raise would take the blinds from these folks. There were three or four times where he would call and check it down with the absent player, and three times the absent player won. Ugh. He was wasting time, and his demonstrated lack of mental acuity was getting really annoying, because I knew when we finally got some players he would not be lasting long.

Finally, the humans started trickling in. Guy on my right and I were getting along well (the dumbass from the first hour had helped build our solidarity), and just stayed out of each others way while we chopped down the giant stack who came to the table. I love giant stacks in the middle stages who assume they are invulnerable simply by virtue of said big stack.

Fast forward. There is 40-45 people left when I finally get a table change, and hip hop hooray, it’s Shelly! With blinds at 1K/2K ante 250, she was getting pretty short w/ around 14K. Hell, I wasn’t exactly rich, as I only had about 25K or so. I decided to get aggressive with an AJ, getting called by an AK, and fortunately that whore sucked a J out of the deck for me to double me up to about 50K. Sweet, I had some time now. Shelly went out on a 77 when she had to push and got nailed with a 10 10, and I was all alone again. It was sad seeing her bust, as I had visions of a blogger comeback and stampede to the finish.

After taking a couple of pots, I was still sitting with about the same 50K when we are down to 27. After being moved to my new table, I find myself UTG with JJ, and everyone at my table has at least 3x my stack, so I raise to 6x BB in the hopes of getting called by a coinflip or inferior hand, and I get raised from 12K to 24K. the back of my head is yelling “Higher PP! Abort, you giant headed monkey! I decide to go ahead and push and take my chances, on the logic that I was still a really low stack and would need to double up to have any chance at winning. Dammit, the guy had AA and I couldn’t manage a second suckout. It did make me feel a little better that the flop came all undercards, which I would have pushed on, in any case.

Not a bad performance, but I can’t help but be disappointed. I just wasted 3.5 hours and had nothing to show, not even a token payout. Then Mrs. Head pipes up: What else would you have done with that 3.5 hours?”

OK, fine. Most likely nothing, point taken. (I may have saved the world though or something, you never know…….)

Anonymous said...

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Great job Blood

Anonymous said...

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