Friday, February 08, 2008

Less Human Than Human

I will have completed a full week of work by the end of today - no small feat given last week's mega-illness. Thinking back with the wife for a while, we determined that 1994 was the last time I had the flu.

During this last two week period, I've basically done nothing. I've missed three live game opportunities and I am suffering major withdrawal. I've played a ton online and, believe it or not, have been winning, even if only a little bit. I've lost contact with all my friends and the best I can do for my family is be conscious during the evening hours. Thursday was the first night I got home from work and didn't have to take a nap.

I envision a weekend of nothing during which the highlight will be the Full Tilt Iron Man freeroll. Captain Bronze is here.

My advice to you youngin's out there. Don't get sick.


jjok said...

yeah, no joke. Don't get sick.

Flu for the fame for over a week now......makes me wonder what the point of a flu shot is???

Anonymous said...

I've been sick for the last week and a half myself, and I'm in Texas. I know people who have all been pretty ill up in Philly, Pittsburgh and DC. Which makes me wonder, what the hell is going on ad what will happen when a REAL virus shows up.

Special K said...

At least you can look forward to watching the Pro Bowl during your weekend of nothing. :)

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

BamBam said...

Glad to hear things are returning to somewhat normal for you.

Great advice by the way.

Anonymous said...

yo blood, other than occasional stomach bug (24 hour type) flus, i have only had what i imagine is "the flu" once before and only one real "sinus infection" - they both sucked, most people whine and complain about colds being those, but I sympathize with you, cuz man, when it's real, it's real bad, glad your improving
i might play live cards again someday too (aside - i see tim has moved up to where they respect his raises, uh oh)

Grundy said...

It's going around.