Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mass Times Acceleration

I consider myself a lucky guy when I can shed the tethers of an insane work environment, drive to one of many local watering holes, and relax for the first time since the day began, saddled up to the bar beside Otis. A lot has to come together for that to happen. Even though it happens semi-frequently, taking it for granted would be a mistake. So I don't. And I go with the flow.

Poker is the same way. A lot has to come together in order to have a winning session. You need to play your cards well. You need to capitalize on others' mistakes. And if you make a few of your own, you'll need luck on your side to bail you out.

In an off-handed comment made to me a few weeks ago, Otis spoke of Gucci Rick's huge rush over the past few months. "I don't see him make many bad calls," he said. After doing my own bit of recollecting, I had to agree.

The biggest mistake I used to make was forcing things. Jamming square bets into circular pots. It just wasn't working. Perhaps now I'm jaded by my recent results, but I think I've managed to avoid making horrible plays that not only used to kill my profits for the session, but also my mindset. I'm going with the flow. Rather than trying to generate my own current upstream, I'm letting the river take me where it naturally wants to go. If there's a winning hand at the end of the rapids, I'll find it and scoop it up on my way by.

I had another nice win last night and have recorded by far my best ever poker month of my career.


BamBam said...

Congrats fellow BB.
Keep it rollin'

Klopzi said...

I think you hit the nail squarely on the head.

I'd agree that poker is more about "go with the flow". Play the right cards, right situations, right opponents, and things will turn out well if you give opportunity a chance.

I've tried to view my recent sessions in much the same way as you've described.

And I, too, am having my best month of poker. You must be onto something here.