Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quien es Less Macho

With rumor being truth and G-Rob officially coming back to the Gucci game, we actually had a wait-list to play at the Monday night game. Granted, it was only 1 deep, but there were eleven folks ready to play cards with one of G-Vegas' old school heroes.

TheMark, not one to let an opportunity to swing dicks with G-Rob go to waste, showed up promptly at start time, costing me $10 in a prop-bet that I still need to pay. In fact, several prop bets were placed prior to last night's game, several of which hit.

1. TheMark shows up because G-Rob is playing.
2. G-Rob loses a buy-in before building his stack.
3. BadBlood mis-reads G-Rob and doubles him up at some point.

To say the poker was more intense this week would be an understatement. There were more pre-flop re-raises this week than the previous four combined. Things on many occasions got interesting.

But back to the title of this post...

Without naming names, you tell me which scenario is weaker. And by weaker, I mean a serious lack of cajones. I think the Rooster can translate that word for you if you need help.

Scenario 1: You are all in on the turn for an $1800 pot with pocket Kings. Your opponent flips up Ac4c on a XcXc4X board, i.e. pair and flush draw. You are a 30:14 favorite and your opponent wants to make a deal. You agree to split most of the pot and leave only $200 up for grabs with one card to come.

Scenario 2: You've flopped a set of 10's in position against a somewhat tricky player. The board reads AT4. The action goes check, continuation bet of $50, call. The turn brings a K and it goes check-call for $75. The river pairs the King and now the check-caller fires out $100. You have about $250 left in your stack. And you just flat call. You don't raise/push for your remaining $150 or so.

Which move deserves the most ire?


Daddy said...

Scenario 2's gaping gash would require at least four more stitches than that of Scenario 1.

StB said...

Chopping the pot because you are scared of losing is weaker. The second case of not pushing the boat could be because of a great read.

Pokerwolf said...

Scenario 2 can be attributed to poor poker play or possibly being scared of a better hand.

Scenario 1 is Pussy Poker of the Highest Order. If you don't want to have your money taken when you play poker, then don't show up to play.

Otis said...

Having seen both and participated in the neither...both are worthy of a little scorn, although I found Scenario 1 to be more confounding than Scenario 2.

John G. Hartness said...

I think scenario #2 lacks any testicles whatsoever, while scenario #1 may just be a friendly game method of not crushing the soul of a friend. If I lose to boat over boat, oh well, but I have to win big pots with big hands.

Special K said...

Let's do the math:

#1 You are a 30:14 favorite (let's call it 2:1 to make the math easy), so your equity in the pot is $1200. You agree to take $633 in value ($500 for sure plus 2/3 of the remainder of the pot). You've given up $567 for your deal

#2 You've failed to get $150 into the pot which cost you a max of $150.

#2 is bad, #1 is horrible.

Skylansky bucks to my PayPal account please (assuming I'm even close on the math)

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Being the resident expert in Quien es Mas Macho....I can talk about B-Listers who are menos macho. Scenario 1 in my opinion for what STB said. You can't be scared of losing for one card...you will that card to be a rag...you point to the spot the card is going to land, grab your nuts and say...2 ugly diamond. Too much money on the table to whimp out...serious, that is what gets the blood running.

Unknown said...

I suggest you stop watching Hellmuth on High Stakes Pussy Poker.

Offering insurance like a blackjack dealer is no way to go through life son.

Heather said...

Wow, it's not often I say this, but I gotta say, I agree with daddy!

Balls is not measured in sklansky dollars, and special K has the math wrong. 1800 in the pot, minus 200 = 1600, of which you take half or 800.

Add to that the $133 you win in the long run, that's $933. My GUESS is you actually made money, since you didn't put $933 in the pot - you could have, at most, put in $900 to an $1800 pot, but you didn't lose $800 or so. Granted, it's playing scared, but we've all done it.

#2? You just go broke in that situation, unless you really really really had a good read, which I have only seen very very rarely; trips are gold and even doyle goes broke with an underful. How do you not??