Friday, May 02, 2008

Ramblings To Up My Post Count

Luckily, I have no monthly constraints on my posting frequency (nudge to the ribs of some friends). So I can throw up posts like this one and not care a whole helluva lot about its quality. I know it's crap, but we can't all be Pauly's.

On the way home from Vegas, I watched There Will Be Blood on my iPod touch. Unbelievable performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. Most powerful acting I've ever seen. Not that I'm some kind of movie aficionado, but even I could recognize his brilliance there. "I. Drink. Your. Milkshake."

Closing out April, I had a decent month in live poker but a negative month in online poker. Still up overall for the year in both, but the online ring game still haunts me and frustrates me. I'll do very well in Turbo SNG's but then get bored and try my hand at ring games. Then I'll do well, get bored, and lose more than I've won in a frustrating frenzy of donkism. Do people always have monsters these days in 6-handed NLHE? Apparently against me, they do.

You've seen me shred, but as of last week, G-Rob bought an acoustic guitar. I figured what the hell and did so as well. Now I can play all metal intros because the cliche'd acoustic parts rule. To wit: Battery from Master of Puppets. I'm also considering covering all Spinal Tap songs acoustically. I have most of Tonight I'm Gonna Rock Ya (Tonight) properly arranged.

Kids are good. Wife is good. Work is work. Monday's continue to be the highlight of my week. I've managed to gather enough folks for a home game tonight and am looking forward to that. It's been a while since I've played on a Friday. G-Rob can play, which is both good (company-wise) and bad (pot-size-wise).

I leave you with one joke from Thursday night's game last week, courtesy EasyE. A man lays by the bedside of his wife, who's been in a coma for months with no response whatsoever. Undeterred, the husband sits by her side every day looking for a sign, a glimpse of movement that would indicate she someday might improve. One day, while reaching his hand up to stroke her hair, he accidentally brushes one of her breasts. At that point, her eyes begin to flutter a bit and he thought he could detect some minor movement. He excitedly tells the doctor what happened. The doctor says, "This is a definite breakthrough. This may sound odd, but I want you to try something. The nurses and I will leave the room, after which I want you to try oral sex with her. That just might be enough to trigger a response." The doctor and nurses leave the man unattended with his wife. Not five minutes later, the monitors at the nurses station indicate that the woman is flat-lined. Shouts of "Code blue! Code blue!" fill the hallway as the doctor and nurses rush into the room. "What happened???" asked the doctor. The husband, with a puzzled look on his face could only respond, "I think she choked."

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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