Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crackberry summary - Best and Worst

Best part of poker: won every 2/5 nl session I played for $2200.
Worst part of poker: lost every 1/2 nl session I played for -$1270.
Best poker correlation: sober at 2/5 > drunk at 1/2.
Best part of Green Valley Ranch: Steel Panther.
Worst part of GVR: tilting toward oblivion after the show.
Best unexpected perks: Free Steel Panther t-shirt (ty Otis) and having poker pro Brandon Schafer ask us to help him drink his VIP booth quota of alcohol.
Best hotel: The Palms has so much amazing eye candy walking around that it's borderline ridiculous.
Best part of returning home: sleeping in a bed.
Worst part of returning home: work and meetings and interviews on Monday.
Best saying I just now made up: Home is where you don't have to wipe the toilet seat before you sit down.

(It's also where the heart is.)


Daddy said...

I still enjoy this blog.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the Vegas debriefing. I just hope you were sober enough to remember it. :)

StB said...

That cannot be the only Steel Panther report. Please tell me that isn't the only SP report you will have.

CC said...

I knew G-Vegas was a little town, but I didn't realize the local newspaper interviews you because you went to Vegas!

TheTrooper97 said...

Sorry I missed you this trip Blood, next time.

Renee said...

ha ha, cute post. Glad to hear you enjoyed the hotel, but you can't beat one's own bed :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the correlation part... oh so true... but I find you just can't help yourself