Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crackberry Summary Day 1

Met Otis.
Met Pauly.
Hit quad Jacks at video poker.
Would later show pic to Mean Gene.
Heard my name called out in hallway of Rio. It was Spaceman sporting the Mountain Man look.
Decided to play 2/5 NL at the Rio.
Doubled up. TheMark sat down. We didn't play any pots together.
Made a hero call with 86o. Picked off a bluff and got berated. Felt good.
Played with some aggro Canadian kids who were originally from Russia.
Good kids though.
Cashed out +863.
Drank at hooker bar with the working bloggers.
An impromptu dance show started at 4am. Most surreal moment in Vegas I've ever had.
Slept on Otis' couch.
No way G-Rob fits on that thing.
Slept way too little.


Fuel55 said...

Tell THEMARK that there are only 3 seats left for the BloggerDeathMatch in December.

I dont have his email.

StB said...
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StB said...

Picked off a bluff and got berated. Felt good.

Such a good feeling to pick off a bluff. Who is the asshat that berated you? One cannot be berated for picking off a bluff.

BigPirate said...

I drove to G-Vegas today. Nobody was there, so I came home.

Have fun.

BamBam said...

Good days for good guys.

Love when that happens!

If G-Rob hangs the hair over the edge, will that make enough room?