Thursday, June 12, 2008

Three Friday's In June

I enjoy Friday just like any other person. However, this month, I plan on enjoying them even more.

Friday the 13th - Normally an unlucky day, I hope to host a poker game at my house. The beautiful part about this is that I'm still home alone with no distractions, so there is a chance, albeit a slight one, that I can win at my own home game. The only negative is that of this writing I only have 4 people committed to playing. I won't let that get me down though. Of all the Friday's, this week's is perhaps the least exciting.

Friday the 20th - Minnesota meets G-Vegas. A certain blogger vacationing in the Charleston, SC area is willing to make the drive to the upstate area for some patented and perfected good times. He's picking up Columbia's last remaining Pirate and should be able to join myself, the Upforpoker crew, and Charlotte's most famous poker playing thespian. Mmmmmm.....thespians....

Friday the 27th - I'll be in Vegas. Yeah big deal, I've been there before, so what. So what? Maybe you don't know, but Steel Panther, formerly known as Metal Skool, will be playing the Green Valley Ranch Ovation theater that night. And yes, I'll be there. I recommend you right now go listen to the song "Asian Hooker" on their myspace page.

That is all.


Special K said...


Have a great time in Vegas. I just got back (didn't lose much :) ) and we had a blast.
I'm heading out to Iraq tomorrow on a work related trip. I'm going to do my best to relate the interesting parts of the trip which may even include poker in a war zone. I hope you can follow along and maybe even pimp a good post if you find one you like.

I hope you join us a Falstaff's sometime when I return.

Special K

StB said...

I failed to start up a posse to head out to GVR. Is that a regular summer gig for them?