Monday, September 08, 2008


Today will mark 3 weeks since I got stupid and fell.  Today is also my 19th day in the cast.  Sofa king tired of the left hand wipe.  That's all I'll say about that.  I've managed to keep the cast smelling just shy of 4-year old hockey equipment by flooding it with soap in the shower.  My right forearm has probably shrunk enough so that water can flow through it.  Add a little Axe Effect spray and I'm good to go.

Here's a small recap of the weight guesses for the Bash:
BamBam - 175.5
Drizz - 172.3
Peter Birks - 165.5 (and to answer your question Peter, the December trip is the 2nd weekend, however, no official tourney is as yet set up.)
StB - 175

I've been managing to still do legs twice a week (Tom Platz I'm not) and cardio 5 times a week, but not doing anything with my upper body is killing me.  I may need to get on the program once I recover.  Never have before, but what's a little back acne?


Poker?  Yes, I've been playing.  A lot actually.  Grinded out GoldStar status last month and will probably do so again.  I've found that .5/1 PLO has kept my attention for about 3500 hands last week and I feel happy to claim a small profit in that endeavor, something around 5 PTBB/100.

Still can't avoid the 1-outers there though, but fun is fun.


As a Pats fan, I'm a bit bummed at yesterday's events.  I just knew something was wrong when I was at the gym watching the Jets/Dolphins game and the Pats/KC game updates seemed to be frozen while all the other games were showing progress.  I figured injury and was right.  Quite the nightmare if Tom's out for the year.  I say grab Culpepper, he threw to Moss for years in Minnesota.  How much faith do you put in Cassel?


And Chuck Liddell?  WTF?  Crazy times in the UFC hierarchy.  Do I heed the sage words of my man Iggy and bet the farm on Lesnar?  Maybe.


BamBam said...

As I seem to be the highest and I assume this contest is along the lines of The Price is Right....

Donuts have been sent and I'd really like to see you increae your Pork-Fat intake.


See you soon!

NewinNov said...

I agree, not being able to exercise the upper body sucks. Have an army injury and it's only leg's and cardio for me too. Stupid doctor's advice.

Wwonka said...

Culpepper is a stiff and the Patriots will be better off with people who can actually understand the playbook.

10-6 and they will win the east.

the Donkey Show.

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