Friday, October 31, 2008

Fallout From The War - Track 9

Jordan called me out. "Come on. I mean...come on. Really?"

Lusky did the same on Monday. "Dude, motivation? That was weak."

The best part of blogging sometimes is that you can go back and read what you wrote and then think to yourself, "WTF was I thinking?"


So. If you are a Shadows Fall fan and can figure out what song I'm referring to in the post title, you'll realize that I've just scheduled a trip. December!


Some details: Flying in on Thursday the 11th, leaving Monday the 15th, staying at the MGM. If things go right, Steel Panther will be playing on Friday the 12th at Green Valley Ranch. I'm taking roll call right now.

StB - better show.
PokerPeaker - I'll drag you if I have to.
TheTrooper97 - I know you can see them all the time, but not always with BadBlood. (I thought I might just link to myself right there but that's rather silly.)

Who else is in?


I'll also be looking to add a sushi component to the Procedure. Otis got me into sushi locally here in G-Vegas and I'll admit, I'm hooked. Grumblings are beginning to surface about a potential tournament at the Venetian. If that happens, super, if not, I'm sure we can all crash some Caesar's daily.


The split-second after I clicked purchase, I felt much better. I normally go through buyer's remorse whenever I spend some cash. Not this time. Work is a complete CF right now and the simple thought of 4 days in the desert was all it took to knock me off my doldrums.

Commencing countdown, engines on. 41 days.


StB said...

I am already there. I have already thought about getting a bunch of people to go out to GVR whether they want to see the Panther or not.

Interested in the procedure but not necessarily sushi. I don't get sushi.

StB said...

I have also thought about not drinking as much during the day on Friday. That my friend is dedication.

BamBam said...

And so.... vicariously I live through my fellow BB.

For some strange reason, I actually feel a little better now myself.

Unknown said...

You won't have to.

Anonymous said...

Ah Sin at the Paris has great sushi and you can eat outside across from the Bellagio light/water show.

BWoP said...


Plenty of sushi options around the strip (the place at Red Rock is really good, but a bit of a schlep).

Anonymous said...

Hehe, love to read your posts, one of my favorite blogs. Just wanted to tell you ;)
Grtz, Q